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QunSheng Group Visits QUSUN to Promote Cooperation

Author:QUSUN   Time:2012-05-10 22:46:08

      29th-31th, guest team of QunSheng Group in Shantou City visited Macau and QUSUN lighting industrial park, making vendor interaction activities and stronger cooperation. General manager Zetao Lin accompanied with the team received warm welcome from QUSUN.

■Warm Welcome
■Visiting the office of the marketing center

      On 29th, Qun Sheng Group arrived at Macau, visited many places of interest, had the joy of gambling, tasted various but Macau unique flavor snacks, appreciated the unique Macao features of the building and landscape, and felt the state of development in Macao under the "one country, two systems"

■Visiting the workshop
■Visiting QUSUN home lighting living hall

      30th, Qun Sheng Group went back to Zhong shan City to take an observation to QUSUN lighting industrial park. Qusun gave a warm welcome to Qun Sheng Group and expressed the fervent hope for the strengthen friendship and cooperation. Meanwhile, President Ho introduced the plan of QUSUN strategic development.

■Observing LED
■Posed for pictures

      Meanwhile, QunSheng Group had site visits in QUSUN lighting industrial park consist of production workshops, research and development department, testing center, marketing center, having detailed understandings of the management system and support team as well as the core values of the brand and the corporate culture. Through this vendor interactive activity, the corporate clients could realize the scale and strength of QUSUN, insight into perfect management system and a strong support team of QUSUN, and further enhance the confidence of co-operation.