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QUSUN Electric (China) Co., Ltd. advocates the idea of “Honesty, Team, Innovation, Mutual-win”, which as thecorporate

value and belief share with the partners.

Honesty: We are responsible to each customer and promise. We bring the belief in production, management, service 

and each detail and process of the cooperation.

Team: We consider each partner and employee as indispensable party of the enterprise. The success of QUSUN is 

determined by the power of employees. We respect each other and cooperate cordially. We encourage and respect

activity, creativity and responsibility. The teams of diverse and loyal employees, works efficiently and effectively. We

strive to create leaning teams; therefore, we are continuously improving the leaning ability, thinking ability and 

creativity of teams, skills and total quality of employees. All is to assist each employee to find and fulfill their personal 

value and objectives by the stage offered by QUSUN.  

Innovation: Innovation is the lifeline of an enterprise. No matter in R & D, management flow, service standard or 

market understanding, QUSUN creates, evaluates, implements and improves continuously and actively. In the 

intensive market competition, we still and must insist on innovation. 

Mutual-win: QUSUN constantly improves product quality, management and service standard, promotes cooperate

value and idea; eventually becomes the leading brand within the industrial. We build the core value by standardizing 

brand management and service, aim to create value and growth for our employees, customers, partners and

members. Finally establish an organic “cooperative community”. We believe win-win coexistence. 

Regarding to “Cultivating our morality, brightening the future” as the rule and faith, we develop innovative product,

management and service and grow together with our customers. We create and share value with partners for a

brighter future.