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QUSUN with its professional and quality service cooperates with the partner all over the world and solves problems for you in most effective way.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
Free service hotline in mainland China: 800-999-1271
Or call: (+0086)760-22102238 to Customer Service Center
The basic policy is as follows:
1.Warranty Period
1) Energy saving lamp within a year
2)Ceiling lamp, kitchen lamp, and T4/T5 bracket ballast within 2 years.
3) Detailed product warranty duration and scope could be consulted to clerk at the time of purchase.
4) For products not covered by warranty, QUSUN offers online service support. The following situations are not under QUSUN warranty commitment. QUSUN Customer Service Center makes a certain amount of material fees and service fees as appropriate when offering services. Specific charges could be inquired according to the district offices of the service centers or retail outlets.
4.1) Product or part of which beyond the free warranty period.
4.2 )The product is not in the range of free service.
4.3) Malfunction due to abnormal voltage, improper flooding, and use environment.
4.4 )Malfunction due to the wrong use of the manual.
4.5) Malfunction caused by the purchaser in the process of transportation
4.6) Malfunction due to product dismantled, repair and modification without the factory authorized.
4.7) Malfunction caused by factors of force majeure (such as earthquakes, war, fire).
2.Service Mode
Users Repair: Defective electrical appliances could be sent to QUSUN distribution outlets for maintenance. Dealers are obligated to explain and offer free help for customers.
3.As the detective body part of product, QUSUN reserves the right to replace.
4.When customers ask for maintenance services, customers should provide proof of purchase invoice. If customer cannot provide, QUSUN has right to deal with the defective products as those in non-warranty period.
5.The after-sales service warranty commitments is only for maintenance of QUSUN defective product. Any other direct or indirect losses brought from malfunction are not covered by warranty. (QUSUN will be performed in compliance with the national laws)。
6.If customers have any comments to the Office Services, please feel free to contact headquarter of QUSUN Service Center.
Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.