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Interview of Dealer: Beliefs in the Strength of the Brand

Author:QUSUN   Time:2012-05-10 22:31:57


      The Gansu Dun Huang QUSUN household lighting living hall formally ran the business in June, 2011 as a member of wholesalers. Just within 6 months, It reached a sales volume up to 8 million. How could it obtain such outstanding result? Our reporter interviewed the boss  (Mr. Gang) of the lighting living hall.

      Reporter: Could you please give us a short introduction of the operation for Dun Huang QUSUN household lighting living hall, as it is a new member of the team of wholesales? 
      Mr. Wu: Yes, Dun Huang QUSUN household lighting living hall has obtained a sales volume above 8 million. The brand name QUSUN has been impressively well-known everywhere which helps Dun Huang QUSUN not only have the projects of retailers but engineering business including Rich Country Hotel and Tian Run International Hotel. Recently I negotiated with other three hotel lighting projects and I feel very confident to get them.


■The Gansu Dun Huang QUSUN home lighting living hall Wu Gang

      Reporter:I wish Mr. Wu that constant effort yields sure success. As far as I know, at the beginning of the lighting trade in Dun Huang, it was hardly for any wholesaler to reach the sales volume of 8 million within a year, while Mr. Wu exceeded 8 million just within half of a year. How could you manage to do this?
      Mr. Wu: I always agree that trusting in the strength of the brand. Qusun is an outstanding brand among the lighting trade, whose unique brand culture affects many consumers. The brand concept broadcasted in CCTV advertising fits the mass consuming psychology, attracting many repeat customers. Project of Rich Country Hotel received favorable comments and played a great help to my projects. Recently, QUSUN launching dynamic switch and LED products,aroused great interest among the market. With the brand nameand our team efforts, I am sure we will make achievement again.

      Reporter: It is said that you have not acted QUSUN products before. Could you please introduce us how did you approach QUSUN products?
      WR. Wu: Yes, I acted many kinds of products but it didn’t work so I contrasted several brand in order to find out the best one. As the result, I saw the advertisement of QUSUN, and by coincidence my friend was the agent of QUSUN. In this case, I realized QUSUN have good aspects of nationwide influence, product quality, operating mode, service system, and manufacturer’s strength. Eventually, I felt so satisfied that I decided to observe the factory QUSUN.
      Mr. Wu: When I arrived, I had deep understanding of its production system, management system, marketing, customer service center, staff training included, and the whole production environment and corporate culture were reflected in the top brand style. The company meanwhile gave me details about the brand systematic strategic planning, channel support, product research and development, production, quality control, marketing, shopping guide training, making me have a new completed understanding of QUSUN.As the result, I chose to act QUSUN.
      Reporter: What is your plan of the next step?
      Mr. Wu: In order to match the brand of QUSUN, our Dun Huang living Hall will have the upgrade resolutions of the corporatization operators, formation of sales professional and service team, to enhance our professionalism and market response capability; Besides, we plan to launch the district promotional activities to further expand QUSUN brand influence in local place; to strengthen the development efforts of the engineering business and to fight for the products in the retail, engineering comprehensive sales.