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Leaders of Guangdong Illuminating Electric Appliance Association Visited QUSUN R & D Center

Author:中国灯饰报CHINA LIGHTING REPORT   Time:2012-11-07 15:24:18
  On 31th October, Chairman of Guangdong Illuminating Electric Appliance Association visited QUSUN R & D center accompanied with QUSUN President Rongbiao Ho. R & D center of QUNSUN was built at the beginning of May this year and formally established and put into operation in October.
   To create the design, development and testing Integration into R & D center is a significant and initiative issue for QUSUN this year. Under the supervision of President Ho, five leading industry laboratory is set involving test chamber of Optical Characteristics, Light Distribution, and Accuracy, Lifespan and electronic laboratory, to ensure the high reliability of products, so that a creative R & D center will be built.    
  While President deeply communicated with Chairman Quan about the current illuminating electric appliance field and the status quo, Chairman Quan indicated he had visited a number of lighting companies, not much but QUSUN had real experimental testing facilities R & D center. QUSUN focuses on the investment in R & D systems as well as the strict product quality control. The performance of the enterprise responsible attitude to consumers is the heritage of “Responsibility” of QUSUN.